We believe in maximizing what matters: your time, your safety, and your comfort. From tarmac to touchdown we are dedicated to creating a travel experience that is committed to excellence and efficiency because we know priorities.

About Us

Tru has made private travel simpler and more accessible than ever before. We’ve simplified the process with transparent rates, intuitive booking, and a premium flying experience.

Tru offers private aircraft services that anticipate your needs to provide you with personalized, convenient, safe, and affordable charter options. When you fly with Tru, you really can have it all.

Our Flight Record

Tru Aviation started out as a dream. The founders of Tru spent years watching charter companies take advantage of airplane owners and knew they could do better. They also realized Tru could create many efficiencies in the private aviation industry. They believed that by addressing those issues, Tru could make private travel more accessible and affordable... and Tru was born.

Finally, a jet charter operator that exists to make ownership and charter simpler, safer and more transparent.

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