Top priorities

There is nothing more important to Tru than the safety of our passengers, pilots, and employees. Prioritizing safety is and will always remain our top priority. Our focus on safety reaches every level of the organization. From choice of aircraft, proactive maintenance practices, experienced dispatch teams, and extensive pilot training, we go above and beyond to ensure we are among the safest operators in the country.

safety at 45,000 feet

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of safety and being transparent about our processes. If you have any questions about our safety regulations, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will happily answer any question you have.


Our dispatch team carefully monitors our state of the art meteorology programs to make sure we fly the safest routes to get you to your destination comfortably. Every departure is mutually approved between pilots and dispatchers in order to exceed standard practices and ensure the highest possible level of safety.


Our fleet is proactively maintained above “airworthy status.” Additionally, we limit our fleet to Lear 45’s and Gulfstream IVs to reduce complexity and allow our pilots, maintenance operations teams to be experts on two specific aircraft models. 


Tru pilots all employed directly by us so that we can monitor and provide the best training in the industry. We do not cross-type our pilots, allowing them to exclusively fly one type and limiting any unnecessary complexity. We also partner with the best training facilities in the world to provide comprehensive recurrent training to keep our pilots sharp and our clients safe.


We go above and beyond FAA safety standards by proactively approaching maintenance. Instead of waiting for the manufacturer’s recommended inspection time, we constantly keep our fleet prime condition to ensure every flight is as safe as possible.


Additionally, in light of the ever-changing post-pandemic world we’re facing, we are continually watching the rising cases and strains of COVID-19. At this time, all of our staff are fully vaccinated. 

Tru follows all federal safety standards in conjunction with the Aviation Safety Network and the IATA standards.

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