Why Private Travel is the Best Solution for Large Groups

Group traveling can be a hassle. But by choosing private travel with Tru, you can skip the stress of comparing endless commercial flights. Flying private ensures that your entire group can travel together on a direct path to your destination without confusion or complication. 

Difficulties of Group Traveling

It’s almost impossible to find enough seats on one commercial flight for the entire group at a time that works for everyone. Even if you can do it, it’s been able to do so it is likely that your seats will be spread throughout the aircraft. When you factor in the stress of overbooking, potential cancellations, and delays, your weekend of fun and celebration can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Travel as a Private Group with Tru 

Tru offers a variety of private aviation solutions for your large group travel needs so you can simplify your next group trip. 

Our private aircraft options offer: 

  • 4-16 hours of nonstop travel time  
  • Spacious, comfortable seating for 6-14 passengers
  • No stressful bag checks and weight limits

Your group can mingle and relax in our luxurious cabins, leaving the fret of lost luggage, hectic layovers, and time-consuming pre-boarding procedures behind. It’s time to look forward to the journey. Get in touch with Tru today to start planning your group trip.



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