How Covid-19 has Changed the Aviation Industry

The pandemic has impacted almost every industry, with travel at the top of that list. 

Commercial airline travel wasn’t fun before the Covid-19 pandemic, and it’s only become more complicated and stressful since.

  • Endless lines and pre-boarding procedures have intensified with the need to wear masks, provide proof of vaccination or negative Covid tests, and social distance from other travelers. 
  • Many people have opted not to travel at all due to fear of exposure or disinterest in adhering to the mountain of new flight policies and regulations. 

Commercial Flights Aren’t as Reliable as Before

The downward shift in the frequency of airline passengers also caused many commercial airlines to take a financial hit, which is trickling down to the passenger experience through a lack of pilots and crew, creating less flight availability and more delays and cancellations.

The Solution: Private Charter Flights is on the Upswing 

Private aviation, however, has increased exponentially as a result of the pandemic. This is because private travelers appreciate the convenience, reliability, and safety of chartering a private plane as opposed to the hassle, uncertainty, and stress of commercial flight. 

Benefits of private travel include:

  • No contact with other travelers 
  • Custom flexible accommodations for specific travel dates/times 
  • Top-of-the-line sanitation procedures 
  • Less guidelines to adhere to before and while traveling

Try Aviation would be happy to help you explore solutions for your private aviation needs and show you why private travel is an investment in your security and peace of mind. 

Talk to one of our private flight representatives today to get started. 



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